Finding the Finish Line: Navigating the Race of Life through Faith and Fitness 

(Crosslink Publishing)


“An unrelenting and powerful book, from a forceful and truly authentic voice.”

– Da Chen, New York Times bestselling memoirist and novelist.

“In these uncertain times in American life, when the noise of politics and social media have the ability to drown out all of the good things around us, ‘Finding the Finish Line’ has messages that can resonate loudly.”

– Dave Heun, Editor and Columnist

“Andrea Cladis has a training plan. In this small, but timely guide for living a life of faith, she spells it out, showing us how to turn ‘the cult of complacency’ into living a life filled with ‘passion for purpose’ through the presence of Christ in her life and the unconditional love of her family. A must read for the athlete of Christ.

– Tina DeMarco, Writing Coach

“Apart from coming to us for the fulfillment of many of God’s promises and for the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ came to us to serve as a role model. The Scriptures call upon us to be like Christ, to “Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God (c.f., Ephesians 5:1-2).” Knowing Andrea personally, she stands out from everyone else as she is the most Christ like person I know. Her compassion, grace, wisdom, humility, patience, and kindness are not only instruments of service to the people around her, but also serve as examples of how we can be more like Christ through our conduct.”

“In FINDING THE FINISH LINE: NAVIGATING THE RACE OF LIFE THROUGH FAITH AND FITNESS, we follow Andrea through a captivating journey that is fueled by grit and Andrea’s crescendoing relationship with God. Endurance is a recurring theme, where we see its manifestation in physical, spiritual, and cognitive forms. We find the importance of strategy, resilience, and mindfulness in achieving great success. Most importantly, we discover that when we make it all about God and not ourselves, great things begin to unfold.

Andrea allows us to use her as a conduit for finding our personal finish line, where faith is perhaps the most determinant factor in our ability to find and cross it. Through faith and endurance, we can more closely follow God’s example as Andrea continues to elegantly do.”

– Glen Gomez, BSN, MS, RN – Manager of Data and Analytics

“Andrea engages the Scriptural metaphors of “the race” and “training,” with authenticity, wisdom, and passion.  She shares her own struggles, disappointments, and joys; she does not sugarcoat the race of life and faith as a straight line, an easy victory, or a simple formula – yet affirms that the goal of life in Christ is supremely satisfying and worthwhile.  Her faith rings out loud and clear.  Andrea is a wonderful companion on the way to the finish line.”

– Claudia Nalven, Rev., St. Mark’s Church, Geneva.

Book Summary:

Through the extended metaphor comparing living out a life of faith to training for a competitive race and focusing on maintaining a healthy mind and body, Finding the Finish Line provides practical life application through consequential strategy, proven advice and insightful encouragement demonstrating that the ultimate goal is not to race for some arbitrary finish line of life, but above all, to find your place on the precipice of the enigmatic race for His everlasting grace.

The relationship between our physical bodies and spiritual lives is intricate, delicate, and ever-changing in its complexity. It requires attention, focus, and an active effort to prevent stagnation. From notable life events, changes, hardships, and challenges to career decisions, family loss, failure and the drive for discernment, Finding the Finish Line is full of powerful anecdotal memoirs and analogies for living a life passionately dedicated to Christ.

Contemplating the “what if” scenario of truly living life for Christ, Finding the Finish Line probes into the significance of shifting our life’s focus from being for us to for Him. “What if” our central focus in life was not to set out to do everything under the sun or constantly seek titles, accolades, wealth, or fame? “What if” the fulcrum of our life was growing in our faith and becoming closer to Christ? “What if” we trusted in such a way that the other desires of our heart would aptly follow our pursuit of Christ? How can we chase after the finish line that is life in Him, with Him, and for Him? How can we embrace a growth mindset that places progress in our walk with Christ first in our lives? How can we redefine our purpose and wants in Him above all else?

Each section of Finding the Finish Line mirrors tangible experience with strengthening the relationship between accepting grace and developing tenacity for Christ in our lives. Finding the Finish Line invites you to explore how to “Make a Plan Fit for Christ” in order to train mind, body, and spirit. Or ways to “Be Vibrant” and live in the present moment. Learn how to “Stay Focused” under the armor God has provided and how to run your race for Christ trusting that he will carry you when days are long and nights’ endless shadows cloud your vision. Believe that you can “Press Onward” in your faith because the prize is worth attaining and that “Perfection is a Fallacy” you must let go of so you can attain clarity within the most important life objective of all – becoming closer to Christ.

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