Amnesia Asks the Question


She asks, “Are you aware of what was on the news?”

I wonder about the foolish ambivalence that continually streams through.


The latest, greatest trend that everyone must try!


We promise!

We swear!

It’s always do or




the world’s on fire

Everyone’s fighting wars

I inquire in desperation,

What are we even fighting for?


I’m free in nothing but a random, stranded thought.

As it’s dictated to me my rights, how I should think

or what should be bought.


For the child at the grocery store

treats bring endless joy.

Reaching out for that which sparkles –

it’ll fade I promise the boy.

While the gentleman buying produce

thinks he’s purchased gain.

For now he only buys

what is needed to sustain.


A soundbox in the corner beats its share

There’s noise, there’s pulsing, there’s folly, where?

there’s oranges, grapes, potato chips, how did I get here?


The swelling hum in my ears departs

My eyes see flashing –





My face pallid to alert, darts.


Did you hear the news today?

Amnesia asks the question again.

Bickering, taunting, frivolous chatter.

What in the hell, does it even matter?


Are we entertained by death?

Are we ever amused by grief?

Are we so well trained to keep everything, albeit unjust, brief?


Everything the same.





Enough to make











Science moves the world?


Why the need for shouting rants?

Why the clapping, useless chants?


I’ll think for you, they dare to say,

I know what it is you want.

No work to wait for you to do.

Amnesia threatens its victim today.


When anger ignites on account of your plight,

the lustrous moment wherein I’ll find delight.


Yes, I’ll tell you when your thinking’s through

and this is exactly what you’ll do –


You’ll ask, “Did you hear the news today?

The answer, “Indeed, it’s fine!”


Now you’re worked up, uncertain, shamed.

I promise everything’s the same!

For this you’ll see in time.


The continued cycle, the endless refrain.

The reckless climax seizes gain.


Wonder, wallop, fear, excite,

argue, coddle, stir the fight!


Plotting twists, the cyclic fire.

Hands on hips –

feckless desire.


Rouse the masses!

Make them mad!

Temper those whom we see as glad!


Beating blunder, chest tight gear

turn the ship they seek to steer.


Did you hear the news today?

Yes! Everything the same.


Did you hear the news today?!

Yes, they’re all the ones culpable of blame.


The glorified martyr they portray,

disenchanting politics

day by day.


Ruthless and wild, an untrustworthy child

I bristle and chide,

seething, they divide.


Elaborate stats, pictures a-blur,

venti-latte, today coffee kills for sure.


Discoveries a-new, attacks come close,

another officer down,

they stick up their nose.


Everything the same, the chant breeds hatred in time.

Everything the same, in defiance, we’re all just doing fine.

Bafflegab strikes its piston.

Minions follow the lead.


I retaliate not for now, but one day, they’ll surely bleed.


They’ve stripped life from others.

They’ve put mercy up to stand the test.

They tell the clever fallacies, for if not the truth, it’s best.


Trap door closes on the same,

they will never admit to shame.

Prideful, dashing, storytelling wits,

haven’t we had enough of this?


Mornings at 4, 5, 7, and 10.

Evening news at 4, 5, 7, and when?


Alas, amnesia asks,

“Did you hear the news today?”

“No,” A sigh.

“But I know you’ll tell me, so please just fire away.”



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