~ The Artist of Grace ~

Artist of Grace

The human vessel which dares to take on life.

The sacred call to come anew.

The wonder met through moments in motion.

The breath exhaled in falling action.

The body in dance.


Metallic walls cast reflections

multiplying gentle limbs

Parts as one,



Filtered light cast shadows

adding dimension to the body.

A visible silhouette, leotard of black

Unending legs floating with ease.

Questioning the song

through a series of movement

growing its collective response.


The chartered floor delicately worn by blistered feet

By the endurance of failure in creating art.

The dancer as two –

leads and follows

The fissure of time unseen.


Swimming on land the body remains open to heal

Closed in its effort to shield its reveal


Heaven breathes sovereignty into the body’s chest

The skies open with fervor, the spirit has impressed

Extension in full, reaching as the child toward a mother

Not knowing if the return touch will favor or falter


The body long and limber

The body lean and learned

The body strong and stirred

The dance for life pauses, unearned.


Where this body moves, life will surely follow

Where this body sings, joy ensues, sadness to hollow.




rhythmically perplexing.


This body –

Rejoices in beauty.

Magnifies purity.

Illustrates stillness

in movement.

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