Conversations bubble at the waters’ surface

Brilliant sunlight casts piercing, penetrating rays

Waves rush against youthfully untarnished skin

Smiles enshroud eager faces.

Emerging Joy.

Warm zephyrs of sunscreen fogs early morning air.

Lungs suffused with chlorinated pools and freshly cut grass

Jazz music plays recycled repeats of smooth, summer ambiance

Faux palm trees wade in shallow, crusted sandy-bottomed water.

Alluring Adventure.

Vibrant colors breathe of summer hues
Lifeguards languish the heat of red suit attention

Mothers tan pale, worn, care-taking skin.

Children carouse in freedom of school’s open gate.

For the work? It will wait.
For now? We play.

As chocolate lined cone-wrapped ice cream melts worries away.

Capturing Promise.

Tan lines forming.
Soaking. Splashing. Warming.

Sunglass styles.

Satisfied smiles.

Playing. Loving. Laughing.

Cannonball splash.
Deep water dash.

Proud fathers – the myth of work’s provision they belie.
Waters’ edge watch, nothing is lost, but the drowning time perpetually floating by.


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